CSRD Prep Series: Double Materiality

In preparation for the CSRD, we will be hosting a webinar on each of the 8 reporting principles. 

CSRD Prep Series: Webinar on double materiality
What you will learn:
  • A recap of the CSRD requirements

  • How to apply the concept of double materiality

  • Case study examples to make things practical

  • Best practices from our experts


On-Demand Webinar

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With the CSRD getting closer and closer, Nexio Projects is hosting a series of webinars to help you prepare. We'll break down all 8 of the reporting principles to provide you will all the tools you need for the upcoming directive. 

We will leave approx. 15 minutes for Q&A

Your Hosts

Thomas Van Den Molen-2
Thomas Van Der Molen

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Romina Coral Andrade-1
Romina Coral Andrade

Sustainability Analyst

About Nexio Projects


With the development of regulations such as the CSRD, clients requesting ESG ratings or reporting, and the general pressure on organisations to comply with sustainability-related expectations, we understand the challenges you might face on this journey. Our experts are equipped to support you in levelling up your sustainability reporting. 

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