The Ultimate Guide To Your EcoVadis Assessment

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What EcoVadis is and how it can be important for your business;

How to understand and master the EcoVadis methodology;

A comprehensive explanation of the questionnaire and scorecard;

FAQs with expert answers and advice. 

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EcoVadis: The World's Most Trusted Business Sustainability Ratings

In 2020 Nexio Projects became the first global partner of EcoVadis. We work closely with our clients to ensure their EcoVadis assessments are done accurately and to help them improve their sustainability rating and performance.



Indra Lancien

Sustainability Analyst


Veronica Peserico

Sustainability Analyst

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We’ll gather all the required information, ensure that your responses meet the EcoVadis standards and help you obtain the highest possible score all while guiding your organisation in its mission to becoming more sustainable.

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