DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Join this session to learn more about how to achieve DEI in the workplace 


What you will learn:
  • Best practices for addressing DEI in the workplace

  • The key steps to building a DEI strategy

  • How DEI fits into your EcoVadis assessment

  • Live Q&A with our experts


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Wednesday, May 24th at 4:00 pm CET

We are offering a webinar on the topic of DEI in the workplace. During this session, our DEI ambassador will join forces with an EcoVadis expert to discuss how to build a strategy as well as best practices. 

We will leave approx. 15 minutes for Q&A

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We’ll gather all the required information, ensure that your responses meet the EcoVadis standards and help you obtain the highest possible score all while guiding your organisation in its mission to becoming more sustainable.

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