EcoVadis Network Impact Report

Driving Positive Change Through Business Sustainability

EcoVadis we always envisioned a global marketplace where sustainability intelligence influences every business decision, helping improve economies, the planet we depend on and people’s lives. In this first EcoVadis Network Impact Report, they share our model and strategy for creating positive and tangible impact. We show how sustainability ratings and intelligence can be used to leverage commercial relationships to influence positive behaviors and actions, thereby creating and amplifying impact across global value chains and the communities they support.

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Nexio Projects and EcoVadis' Global Partnership

Achieve the best possible outcome 

Identify the right documents to ensure EcoVadis compliance;

Set up your document management system to simplify future assessments;

Collect and analyse all necessary data to ensure you receive the best possible EcoVadis score;

Support you in filling the EcoVadis questionnaire;

Keep track of your assessment while it is being processed by EcoVadis;

Review your scorecard when it is live.

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