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EcoVadis Masterclass for 2023

Join the session for everything you need to know for your 2023 EcoVadis assessment 


What you will learn:
  • EcoVadis Methodology & Scoring System

  • Carbon Action Module

  • Best practices for your 2023 assessment

  • Live Q&A with our experts


Register for the free masterclass

Tuesday, February 28th at 4:00 pm CET

We are offering a free masterclass on the EcoVadis Methodology for 2023. Our experts will provide recommendations and share best practices to prepare and ace your assessment.

We will leave approx. 15 minutes for Q&A

Your Hosts

Nicholas Serafino-2

Nicholas Serafino

Sales Associate

Yesim Tirpan-1

Yeşim Tırpan

ESG Analyst

About Nexio Projects


We’ll gather all the required information, ensure that your responses meet the EcoVadis standards and help you obtain the highest possible score all while guiding your organisation in its mission to becoming more sustainable.

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