ESG Reporting Landscape: Alignment & Key Differences



ESG Reporting 2 LP
What you will learn:
  • The main overlapping topics and notable differences across reporting frameworks and standards

  • How to automate data collection for sustainability reporting 

  • How to analyse data and represent findings efficiently 
  • How to understand which standards and frameworks (will) matter most to your organisation


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In the previous session, we discussed where we're at in the ESG reporting landscape. 

Now, we are partnering up with Position Green to share with you key insights on the topic of Alignment & Differences across various reporting frameworks. 

Join this session to deep dive into ESG reporting for 2023.

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Nathan Cable

Senior ESG Consultant

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Felicia Gustafson

Sustainability Data Team Leader

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With the development of regulations such as the CSRD, clients requesting ESG ratings or reporting, and the general pressure on organisations to comply with sustainability-related expectations, we understand the challenges you might face on this journey. Our experts are equipped to support you in levelling up your sustainability reporting. 

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