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Towards CSRD Implementation: Our Approach & FAQs


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With the final European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) approved and applicable from January 1, 2024, many organisations are now required to start collecting data to fulfil the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in their next non-financial reports.  

In this free factsheet, we provide an overview of:

  • Who falls within the scope of the reporting directive;
  • What are the disclosure requirements of the ESRS;
  • When you will need to comply with the CSRD;
  • How you can align with the Directive following our ABCD approach. 

Additionally, our experts provide tailored answers to questions raised during our latest webinar on the topic. 



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Thomas van der Molen 

CSRD Practice Lead

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Camilla Morandi

Sustainability Consultant

Watch our webinar on-demand

Demystifying the Practicalities of the CSRD

As the new year begins, there is a lot of focus on preparing organisations for CSRD. In this webinar, our CSRD experts will take you through what reporting means in practice, drawing from their experience preparing some of our clients and partners for compliance.

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