How EcoVadis Assessment Helps Strengthen Supplier Engagement 

Join the webinar to learn how to leverage the EcoVadis Assessment as an opportunity to better engage with your suppliers.  

Supplier Engagement
What you will learn:
  1. Practical insights from a client case study

  2. Latest update on regulation and key trends

  3. How to use EcoVadis to assess risks and engage with suppliers? 


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Growing regulations, global supply chains and due diligence make it necessary to engage with your suppliers. Find out how the EcoVadis Assessment can help you do that in a seamless way. 

Are you interested in knowing more about supplier engagement?


Read our article "A Practical Approach to Stakeholder Engagement" to find out:


  1. Why it is important to engage with suppliers?
  2. What steps to follow when engaging with suppliers?
  3. Do's and don'ts of stakeholder engagement.


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Your Hosts

Nathan Cable-1

Nathan Cable

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Luca Round Green-1

Luca Vervoort 

Sustainability Analyst

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With the development of regulations such as the CSRD, clients requesting ESG ratings or reporting, and the general pressure on organisations to comply with sustainability-related expectations, we understand the challenges you might face on this journey. Our experts are equipped to support you in levelling up your sustainability reporting. 

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