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Connecting LCA and GHG Emissions




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Are you looking to better prepare for compliance and voluntary reporting around your climate related topics? Learn the connection between Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and scope 3 management in this webinar. Our experts will share insights on:

1. Relationship between LCA Data, Phases and S3 Management
2. Leveraging LCA Development for Enhanced Supplier Management
3. Utilising LCA for Detailed Insights into Scope 3 Emissions

Our Experts
Elisabetta Regular-2
Elisabetta Pennazio

Climate Consultant

Cesar Regular-1
Cesar Carreño-Chasin

Climate Team Lead

Additional resources

As of 2024, EcoVadis has introduced new updates and changes concerning Scores & Medals, the 360 Watch, and other technical features of the platform. 

To make sure you are fully prepared, our experts wrote a detailed article with all you need to know on the topic. 


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Additional Resources

 Take a look at our factsheet "How to Prepare for your 2024 CDP Questionnaire" to make sure you will complete the assessment in a seamless way. 
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