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Demystifying the Practicalities of the CSRD

The ABCD of Compliance



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As the new year begins, there is a lot of focus on preparing organisations for CSRD. In this webinar, our CSRD experts will take you through what reporting means in practice, drawing from their experience preparing some of our clients and partners for compliance. In this session, you will learn the implementation of CSRD in phases using the ABCD method we developed:

  • Analyse: Examine what you need to comply with and where you currently stand.
  • Build: Create the governance and reporting structures that are needed to effectively manage your sustainability/compliance efforts.
  • Consolidate: Integrate the various elements of the ESRS report requirements.
  • Disclose: Ensure all qualitative and quantitative disclosure statements are integrated in a non-financial section of the Management Report, combined with the yearly financial reporting. 

Thomas Regular
Thomas van der Molen

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Camilla Regular Round
Camilla Morandi

Sustainability Consultant

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The new CSRD is a big step forward for sustainability reporting in Europe and globally but we understand it's a big step forward for businesses as well. Navigating in these waters can be daunting and overwhelming. 

That is why we put together a collection of resources and practical tips to help you get started.


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