Free Workshop: Sustainability Goal-Setting


Goal Setting 1 LP
What you will learn:
  • Our 8-step process for sustainability goal-setting

  • How to use our template

  • A case example for setting goals

  • Best practices from our experts


Access the free workshop

Instead of just taking you through the process, in this workshop we'll show you how to implement it for yourself with our easy-to-use template for setting sustainability goals.


Your Hosts

Pamela Lam-1

Pamela Lam

ESG Consultant

Thomas Van Den Molen-2

Thomas van der Molen

Senior ESG Consultant

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It is becoming increasingly rare to find an
an organisation that doesn’t engage in
some form of sustainability.

Almost everyone has some element of
a Sustainability Management System
(SMS) in place. Do you need help with your SMS?

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