Shedding Light on Sustainability Efforts

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EcoVadis Assessment


The client is a German company that has developed and produced electric lights and light fixtures for over 100 years. This includes innovative luminaires and perfectly matched lighting solutions for offices, industry, healthcare, education, retail and sports. With €1bn+ revenues and 5000+ employees, the company has 30 business partners and subsidiaries, selling to 50 countries worldwide.

Industry: Manufacturing | Lighting Technology

Project Scope: Germany


Environmental protection and the conservation of resources are firmly anchored in the company's DNA. Their sustainability strategy is built on three pillars: Corporate Responsibility, Innovation & Technology, and Circular Economy. The company works consistently and continuously to improve its carbon footprint, and its German production sites aim to achieve carbon neutrality as early as 2025.



"Through working with Nexio Projects, we’ve gained a better understanding of the EcoVadis methodology. Internally, we now have much more structure when it comes to managing ESG."


CEO of the company

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The Challenge

The company sought support in completing their EcoVadis Assessment smoothly, ensuring their EcoVadis score reflects their sustainability efforts. Additionally, the company wanted to improve its internal structure and the understanding of the EcoVadis methodology within the sustainability team.


The Solution

The Nexio Projects team supported the company in completing their EcoVadis Assessment by providing a better understanding of the documentation and necessary data. Working with the team provided more structure to the entire assessment process. We also helped the company create internal codes of conduct, reinforcing the responsibility initiatives along the supply chain.

The Outcome

The company’s Germany headquarters was recognised with a Bronze Medal, placing it among the top 50% of companies ever evaluated by EcoVadis. Additionally, we helped the client improve its structural approach to ESG criteria and increased attention given to sustainability KPIs by the company.