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CSRD in Practice: Understanding EcoVadis Linkages


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Thursday, 25th of April | 4.00 PM CEST

Are you looking to understand how your EcoVadis assessment can impact your CSRD reporting?

Join EcoVadis and Nexio Projects for this webinar where we will be sharing insights on:

  1. Overview of EcoVadis Assessment and CSRD Linkages
  2. CSRD Supplier Engagement with/using EcoVadis
  3. FAQs from Nexio Projects' clients

We will leave approximately 15 minutes for Q&A at the end.

Additional resources

As of 2024, EcoVadis has introduced new updates and changes concerning Scores & Medals, the 360 Watch, and other technical features of the platform. 

To make sure you are fully prepared, our experts wrote a detailed article with all you need to know on the topic. 


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About Nexio Projects


Nexio Projects is an international sustainability consultancy that supports a wide range of organisations on their journey from compliance to purpose. Through a network of partnerships with the world’s leading ESG service providers such as EcoVadis, Nexio Projects provides pragmatic sustainability solutions with human customer approach.