Five Tips to Improve Your EcoVadis Score

Join the live session to discover what our experts recommend to improve your EcoVadis score. 


What you will find in the session:
  1. Latest update on the EcoVadis Methodology;

  2. Top five recommendations to improve your EcoVadis score;

  3. Live discussion forum.


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Tuesday, 27th of June 4.00 PM CEST

The EcoVadis Methodology is getting stricter to accurately reflect organisations' sustainability efforts. 

Improve your EcoVadis score by using these five key tips to make the best out of your EcoVadis Assessment.

We will leave approx. 15 minutes for Q&A

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The Ultimate Guide to EcoVadis

Your Hosts

Pamela Green Round

Pamela Lam

Sustainability Consultant

Yesim Green Round

Yeşim Tırpan

Sustainability Analyst

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With the development of regulations such as the CSRD, clients requesting ESG ratings or reporting, and the general pressure on organisations to comply with sustainability-related expectations, we understand the challenges you might face on this journey. Our experts are equipped to support you in levelling up your sustainability reporting. 

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